Sharing their Hearts, Insight, and Experience

PhotoLush attracts the most dynamic and exciting local talent to present hard won lessons and insight about the world of professional photography. We are so grateful for this awesome group of volunteer artists and business owners. 


This year, we're offering 2 days of workshops! Our workshop leaders will offer courses both days of the workshop and you can choose to attend 2 different courses or try doubling your practice time!

Eden Bao of Eden Bao Photography is Her work absolutely speaks for its self.
She is as kind as she is brilliant and I cannot wait to learn from her! 

A Master Photographer, Eden Bao is an industry leader in maternity, newborn and family photography and owns Eden Bao Photography in the metro Seattle area. Eden is highly trained and educated in her industry and holds a Master Photographer in Portrait (MPP) designation with the Master Photographers International as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Eden is very involved in the industry and speaks in conferences such as Click Family Brazil 2018, ImagingUSA 2019 and Click Away 2019. She loves to work with other photographers and teaches workshops throughout Canada, the United States, and Brazil.
Tiffany Burke 
Breakout Leader + Presenter

We're so very excited to introduce you to our first presenter Tiffany Burke of Tiffany Burke Photography. She is a selfless, incredibly hilarious, generous, and loving person who I have been honored to see present at Photolushes (is that the correct plural or should it be Photolushi, or like goose and geese Photoleesh?) in the past. This year she will be leading a breakout session on Sunday as well as talking to us about not drowning when we are in the thick of our businesses. 

Tiffany Burke is a portrait photographer and social media marketing consultant. She has a passion for teaching other photographers and business owners.

Brea Bursch with Brea Bursch Photography . We're so excited for you all to meet her!
Brea Bursch has been a Seattle area newborn and family photographer since 2007. She has kept a business, four kids, some dogs, and one bearded man alive and thriving for over a decade and really just wants a lukewarm coffee and a homemade, carb-free pastry to enjoy in some freaking peace and quiet already. Fluency in sarcasm and hashtags, a world traveling philanthropist, and a sprinkle of a chronic case of foot-in-mouth syndrome rounds out this successful, fun loving, and authentic portrait artist.

She is one of the best and we are so lucky to have her!

Afton Lewis + Celina Meza

Celina Meza of Celina Meza Photogrpahy is Back and leading a breakout session on sunday! If you were so excited to hear her chat last year, this is an even better chance to work one on one with her! Afton of Afton Lewis Photography is so excited to share this breakout sesion and bring each perspective together flawlessly!  

Amber Peterson

Introducing Amber Peterson who is the brilliant mind behind Cheers Consulting! She not only is personable and a wonderful person to hang out with, her vast knowledge is sure to help grow your business!


Amber has a BA in Journalism from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

After working in corporate marketing for a few years she . decided to make the jump into full time wedding planning in 2010 and created Cheers Wedding Planning & Design. In 2013 she co-founded the Skagit Wedding Society, a networking group for wedding professionals and venues who serve Skagit County, Washington. She also produces the annual Skagit Wedding Tour every year.

In 2017 she created Cheers Consulting Group to help other wedding professionals grow their businesses through strategic Pinterest, email and content marketing.

She lives in Lake Stevens, WA with her husband and three daughters.

AMBER Beilner 

Andrea Michelle Photography is a brilliant gorgeous soul, with an eye for making people feel so comfortable in front of her lens. She will be leading a breakout session on Boudior Photography! Do you want to up your game, and help empower all those who want to step in-front of your lens? Andrea is your gal!


Hello! Names Andrea. I’m basic. Good basic! Basic as in I like peppermint mochas, dog momming, big scarfs and messy buns! Although you may not know that from a couple years ago a friend of mine told me that maybe I had an eye for something. That something was photography. As I had been photographing for years I never thought I was good enough. But after putting myself out there I found out photography was not only something I was pretty okay at, but was something that other people liked. Once I was introduced to boudoir the game was changed. I was finally able to use both of my passions for mental health and photography in one. As a mental health therapist And a photographer I can use all my passion to help women, men and couples feel empowered. Comfortable and beautiful. Now after a long journey I have found a way to channel the work that I do during the week into my own passion projects as well as use my passions to make beautiful artistic boudoir for real vulnerable humans!

Clinton James 

Hello Everyone! Another Presenter this year is Clinton James! He and Aaron Started this amazing thing called Photolush 7 years ago and I am forever grateful to these two!



Clinton's fast-paced session will lead participants through the post-shoot routine he uses to get that painterly, light-infused look popular with the Sue Bryce and Chris Knight devotees. Beginning with quick adjustments in Lightroom, participants will see the step by step approach through Photoshop. Clinton is a wedding and portrait photographer who keeps his creative skills sharp with collaborative portrait projects that exude a sense of painterly light.

He is so full of knowledge and we are just so lucky to have him presenting this year!

Dan Manning 

Dan Manning of Dan Manning Photography is a totally kick-ass photographer who really strives to provide the best customer service experience possible! He will be leading a breakout session at Deception Pass. He will emphasize how to tell a story with your couple and make them feel as if they were a part of your family.


Dan is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle and Snohomish. Dan strives for fun, energetic, and expressive sessions where you leave feeling like part of the family. When not on location, you'll find him out on adventures with his two boys with a big cup of coffee and a warm flannel. Dan also educates other photographers on the areas of in person sales, customer service, and pricing strategies.

Aaron Nelson 
Relationships to Build and Shape Your Business


Aaron Nelson is a career photographer. He and a friend created Evantide Photography 15 years ago and he has been documenting life stories, moments in time and business growth through it all. Since the beginning it's been his love of people as much as photography that has helped in thrive in the business.



He is going to lead a break out session on location in Fairhaven with some hands on direction! 

Damian Vines
Real Estate Photography

Okay, so personal story here, My first photolush I attended I was a brand spanking new photographer baby. Just learning the ropes. I was asking someone I had just met who was presenting, who they were and what they did. Damian Vines of Damian Vines Photography was set to present and all my new friend said to me was that Damain was the King of Flash, a flash god if you will. As I watched his presentation I knew why. His work is so crisp and clear, and all the things we all drool over! At this year's Photolush Damian will be presenting on Real Estate Photography.

I am a native of Washington State, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and came to love the natural surroundings of this beautiful region. After a few years spent away in Las Vegas, where I worked as a graphics designer for a larger newspaper, it didn’t take long for me to gravitate back to the surroundings and environment that was home. My passion for photography has always been inside me. My artistic expression came forth in many different forms throughout the years, sometimes in music, sometimes in drawing and sometimes though computer graphics. I have taken what I consider “snapshots” for much of my life. It wasn’t until mid 2011 that I purchased a “real camera”, as I call it, and took my photography to the next level. Since then I have progressed quickly, learning the basics and mechanics of the camera, light and photo post processing. I strive to create images that capture the awe of a scene that is often seen with the naked eye but difficult to capture in a photograph. This awe is created as much “in camera” as it is out of camera in the post processing of the image. Through the use of a multitude of computer programs and techniques, I create images that capture the awe inspiring beauty that surrounds us every day.


I would love to introduce you to our next Presenter! Dawn Potter of Dawn Potter Photography, the amazing Newborn Whisperer. This mom of 4 is an inspiration.


5 years ago, I was a stay at home mom raising 4 kids. My youngest had just been born. I had absolutely NO free time. My husband worked 80 hours a week and was barely home on the weekends. And I decided that I wanted to start my own business. And not just any business, a newborn photography business. Had I ever owned or used a digital camera? Nope. Had I ever had an 'eye' for photography? Nope. Did I love newborn babies more than anything on the planet? Yep. And with that, I took a leap and went for it. Best decision I ever made.

Jamie Buckley

We could go on and on about how amazing Jamie Buckley of Jamie Buckley Photography is. On a daily basis he reaches out and touches so many people with his work and how his words have resonated across our community but I am so excited for all of you to be able to have your own experience with him. He is not only teaching a presentation on how to find and best service LGBTQ couples, using correct pronouns, having a portfolio that represents the community, tokenizing, privilege and then tying into posing and interacting with them. But he is leading a break out session on how to pose couples and just let them be couples. Let them be them and capture the love between them.

I'm Jamie, originally from Glasgow, Scotland I currently reside in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our pitbull, Loki. I've lived in Seattle for four years now and there's no place in the world I'd rather be. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and a gorgeous city skyline, I'm constantly inspired to create beautiful images.

He also recently did an interview that you can listen to here! I highly recommend it! So good!

Tashana Hayes

We have Tashana Klonius Photography and Design Co.presenting too! She will help us with a breakout session and she will lead us on family sessions as well as a couple session and how the two can be interchangeable


Brian Russell

We are SO EXCITED have Brian Russel join our presenters!!

What is he sharing??
Preparing for Emotion
Emotion makes an image memorable. But how do we catch it? Let’s make a plan to discover it, develop it, and capture it every time.

Read more about him here!

You can find me producing documentaries for Faithlife, filming the occasional wedding, trying to make my daughter giggle, and eventually finishing our house remodel. Sharing on Instagram at @brianwrussell.

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